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Summer is coming to an end

Anybody else as excited as I am for fall to come? Don't get me wrong. I love summer; flip flops, swimming in the ocean, long days and outdoor adventures. But when all that has been - there is something magical about welcoming fall. The time when the leaves start turning colors, the evenings get darker and candles get lit in the shala again and let us not underestimate the power of a hot chocolate. The cozy season is upon us everybody!

I would like to thank all of you yogis that have visited us during the summer months and made Yoga by the Sea a gathering spot for the community. We are so thankful for your kind words and your good vibes. It is hard to believe that we have such a big family already. I can't wait to hug you all again.

Meanwhile it is nice to see our local yogis finding your way back from holidays and vacations. I am really looking forward to flow with you through this upcoming season where creating space for one self is important. Remember that with the darkness and cold we want to slow down our own rhythm, just like nature does. Take time to generate energy, charge our batteries and learn how to use it wisely. So on those days when nothing seems to go our way, we have a spare boost that will bring us back to the mat and our breathe again. Keep in mind that nothing is constant and that is the beauty of the seasons. In order to cultivate a calm and loving mind we need to learn to flow with the times and simply enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.



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