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Our Contribution

We aim to give more than we take in order to share the love of life and beauty around us.

2023 is the year when we finally embark on the journey of giving back for all that has been given to us.

Please contact us if you have ideas and/or you know someone that is in need of support.

We are here to help and together create ripples on the water. 


Everything starts with clean water

Solvatten is a social enterprise based in Sweden, and we have one mission: To provide people living in developing countries with safe and hot water in a portable, environmentally-friendly way.


We created a revolutionary way to provide clean water to under-served communities worldwide and are pinpoint-focused on delivering the Solvatten Solar Safe Water System to customers, charities, and distributors around the world. We have formed partnerships with like-minded organizations and micro-financing institutions in efforts to increase reach and improve affordability.


Solvatten is the brainchild of a Swedish inventor, Petra Wadström, and the Solvatten story began in Australia in the early 90s, where Petra was living with her husband Carl and their family. Wadström’s professional background was diverse, spanning both medical science and the arts, which helped spark the creative thinking behind Solvatten.

The members of the studio have long been looking for a charity to support long term and when we found Solvatten we knew we found an organisation that we wanted to get involved with. Solvatten improves the world concretely and directly. Their projects have positive effects on all of the UN’s sustainability goals and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 


Instead of paying for class you can opt to contribute an optional amount to our Solvatten page. All donations go directly to Solvatten. Thank you for your support.​

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