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A Home away from Home

How do we increase compassion?

Beloveds, each morning we are asked to take a moral stand on the side of love.

May we find the courage and compassion to love like the sun,

to generate love in abundance for a world that sorely needs it.
Each time that I facilitate conversations on systemic oppression and solidarity,

I am struck anew at how programmed we are to defensiveness and denial.

Each time, my challenge is to love, simply love.

We are not machines, broken and in need of fixing.

We are wounded warriors in the struggle of life and we need,

each of us,

compassionate love to call us to our whole and holy selves.
May we wake each day with the mission to generate love in this world

as humbly and faithfully as the sun generates light.

May we trust that we can lean on each other for comfort when the struggle is relentless.

May we know in the bones of our bones that we are not alone.

May this knowledge give us the courage to shine the light of compassion on everyone.

No exceptions.

          - Deanna Vandiver


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