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My first attempt at this thing called blog.

I have never even thought about writing a blog. I mean why would people want to read what is on my mind. But here we are, might as well give it a go.

So who am I? A pretty normal 36 year old single mum who just opened her own yoga studio. I have throughout my years traveled the world and never ever felt the need to settle. Until I got pregnant that is. Then everything changed. The free spirited girl that never wanted to stay in Sweden for more then 2 weeks in a row is now a free minded soul who has finally found her roots. My daughter Luna is the joy of my life and she is the main reason that I decided to go ahead and start this studio project.

“The free spirited girl that never wanted to stay in Sweden for more then 2 weeks in a row is now a free minded soul who has finally found her roots.”

Of course being your own boss while being a single mother to a awesome toddler means late night paperwork and interrupted yoga sessions. But if there is anything that I have learned from being a mother it is Pratyahara. The magic of non-attachment. It is a struggle daily to not try and push the pause button or for me to take out my camera every instant Luna smiles or looks her cutest self. Which according to me, obviously I am as bias as I can be, that is like twenty four seven. I am still working on that part. I have found myself coming much further though in the attachment to results or feelings on my yoga mat. Now I reach for my mat in the sense of yama, the discipline is there for my own sense of well-being, but there is no attachment to outcome. The mat and the practice "just is" and that is one of the greatest freedoms that I have ever experienced in my life.

8 Limbs of Yoga

Besides the added time to be able to be with her I am also very keen on breaking the norm and doing things differently. I am vegan and raising her vegan and I believe that yoga and community has all the components that I want her to grow up with. The 8 limbs of yoga teaches us all how to live our lives righteously. Yama teaches us how to be diciplined, Niyama our duties, Asana how to carry oursleves, Pranayama how to breathe, Pratyahara all about non attachment and letting go, Idharana how to stay focused and concentrate, Dhyana meditation and Samadhi enlightenment. I can not think of a better surrounding than that for my little moon baby to grow up in.

I hope you all enjoyed this first blog of mine and I will keep on sharing thoughts and ideas from mine and Luna's life, and not to forget our little sidekick Zoya. Our stray from Costa Rica. Put your seatbelt on if you want to follow more of this crazy female trio living at the end of the road in a far away magical queendom named Mölle.

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