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Here we go again

I think that 2019 was the year that went by the fastest. They say it is something about having children that makes time just run away from you. It certainly feels like I have been trying to have one foot on the break the last 12 months but it has done nothing more than just wear out the brakes.. :)

I have with other words had a year where I really had to learn to appreciate the now. To not always engage in thoughts, comments, feelings, musts and needs and instead simply be.

Instead of getting stressed I started taking breathes. Deep breathes and then smile. No matter the situation. (Well that might not be completely true, I am human) but that has been the goal. I have learned to recognize when I start to get irritated and instead to give in to the feeling - conquer it. It is a great feeling. And something that has taken me 37 years to figure out.

We just finished a retreat with my teacher Isabella here in Mölle and on the last day we had a closing sharing circle where we simply talked about the purpose of yoga. And we all know, deep down inside that it is not about the asanas or how your picture looks on social media. Yoga is simply about getting to know yourself, learning to create an environment where self-care and self-love becomes status quo.

And there it is, yoga will not make time go slower, or make your job less stressful. What yoga will do is help you appreciate the moment. Yoga will also help you cope with stress in a different manner. Yoga teaches you how to engage in feelings and how to work through them. We keep on looking for a simple fix and yoga is no such thing. Self love requires a lot of work, sweat and tears.

We all have good days and bad days - and the best thing about the mat - is that it doesn't care. If you come there for a two minute breathing break or a two hour strenuous practice the fact still remains; that the only thing that matters is that you took that time for yourself on your mat.

My mantra for this year is: 2020 the year we all loved more.

Welcome to Mölle for a new exciting year ahead of us.

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