Home is not a place,

it's a feeling...

Welcome to YOGA BY THE SEA.



What turbulent times we are experiencing.  

Somewhere in this chaos that we find ourselves in, I have found an inspiring calm and a positive feeling that we will come out of this ordeal stronger as a world community, as human souls and as living beings on this planet.

The insecurity of the virus is rocking our status quo providing the perfect environment for reflections on actions, ways of existence and possibilities of improvement - on an individual level as well as political.


We can't keep on living the way we have been. We all know that. I propose that we take this opportunity to change our focus from growth and economics to cooperation, collaboration and come up with ways where we all can share more of what we got.


We are all part of a bigger network which means that we can choose to pass on positivity or negativity; in a 'fluffy yogi' sense and more importantly right now, also in a real virus sense, meaning we all have a responsibility to do our best.


I have after a conversation with my teacher and mentor decided to open our studio again with a few changes. Check Momoyoga for schedule and bookings as usual.

Class size is for the time being limited to max 8. Please give your fellow yogi some distance when putting down your mat.



– If possible shower before you come to practice

– Wash your hands before and after class. Use hand sanitizer

– Bring YOUR OWN yoga mat, avoid using the the studio mats

– Bring a sweat towel

– Take your mat home and clean it AND wipe it after every practice

– Wash your practice clothes and mat towel after each practice

– Stay at home if you’re feeling sick

(you should never practice with fever or sore throat anyway)

– Avoid using props or blankets at the studio

– Be ok with not receiving any or very little physical adjustments

We ask you all to kindly cooperate so that we don’t have to close or risk spreading any virus.


Stay safe and healthy!


Lots of love



We offer regular drop in classes to beginners as well as more advanced students. We invite you to explore our schedules and to stay updated on our upcoming events. Retreats, guest teachers, workshops, donation classes, community work, women circles.


You name it we share it. this space is meant to be yours.

Contact us if you have any ideas of how to make us more inclusive, more loving and more healing.


100% commitment thinking.


The studio wants to act as a space where dialogues of a greener future and a more inclusive mentality among humans and nature are nourished. By helping people to fully unfold their human potential in terms of their physical, emotional and mental body we aim to build a global community with shared intentions so that we together can realign to the natural principles of life.

Consider Yoga by the Sea- Studio Mölle, a home away from home.  


Guest teachers / Workshops / Retreats

Inga kommande evenemang för tillfället

Warm welcomes to come and share the space with us.

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