Regular Teacher

Pernilla Andersson

Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Pilates

My name is Pernilla and I am a yoga mom with a mission to heal the world. As one of my teachers always says: if everyone practiced yoga, the world would look different, simple as that... ♥


However, I have not always been a hippie mom. I found yoga very late in life after many years of sports (gymnastics, weightlifting, gym rat, climbing, dancing etc). I was one of them who had preconceptions about yoga. I honestly thought that yoga wasn't exercise... 😅


Fortunately, I slipped onto the yoga mat during my time in Costa Rica and have not left it since. The mat that is. Costa Rica I left 2017 when I was expecting Luna and I now live in Mölle with my daughter and our dog Zoya.


I am deeply grateful to all of you who have helped make Yoga by the Sea a reality and look forward to getting to know more souls as time goes by.


My classes are dynamic and alignment based. I like to challenge my yogis and I think it is important that we don't take ourselves too serious on the mat and in life. If we smile everything gets easier. With that said - be prepared to sweat in my classes. 😇

I am a certified personal trainer and go as an adept under my teacher Isabella Nitschke who runs her shala Ashtanga Yoga in Malmö. 


I hold the following regular classes (please check schedule for irregularities) 


7:00 Morning Ashtanga Flow (45min)


18:30 Pilates

20:00 Ashtanga Inspired (60 min)


8:00 Morning Ashtanga Flow (45 min)


8:00 Ashtanga inspired (90 min)



16:00 Pilates

17:30 Playful Ashtanga (60 min)

Pernilla Andersson

IG: mspennyroca

Regular Teacher

Helena Petersson


After getting tired of her 8-17 job, Helena decided to drastically change her reality, quit her job and invested in devoting her time to yoga with a wish to help people slow down and find the best versions of themselves. 

In the summer of 2017 she was an appreciated instructor at Arild's Vingård and that same fall she joined forces with Pernilla and started Yoga at the boat house in Mölle.


She has since followed suit and is now one of our regular teachers at Yoga by the Sea in Mölle. She is liked for her calm nature and relaxing or at times no music in her classes. If you want to get in tune with your inner voice Helena is the one to guide you.

In her Flow class she focuses on refilling batteries, connecting movements with the mind. Do not be fooled though her classes challenges both the body and the mind and she rewards you with a long savasana. An all-round class that varies from time to time with switching focus areas for each class. 

Helena teaches the following regular classes (please check schedule for irregularities)


20:00 Evening Flow


16:00 Afternoon Flow

Helena Petersson

IG: helena_petersson

Regular Teacher

Eva Karlsdotter

Yin, Yang, Hatha

Eva is a well known face in the yogi world of the Kullabygden district and we are grateful that she has chosen to continue her yoga journey with us here at the studio at the end of the road.


In her classes, dynamic, active and flowing Hatha inspired asanas (yang) are combined with the quiet, passive grounding (yin) positions.


Yinyoga is a soft and meditative practice that gives you the opportunity to increase awareness and presence, open and strengthen the body, release tension and blockages in order to get your energy flowing freer and better between body and mind.


Yin & Yang are two opposites that are dependent on each other to be able to create balance in body, mind and soul.


The body is balanced by working both muscularly and in the deeper tissues (joints, ligaments and connective tissue).


There is a lot of focus on breathing during Eva's yoga classes. When we breathe with yogic deep, calm breaths, we relax in both body and mind.

Eva teaches the following regular classes (please check schedule for irregularities)


19:00 Yin/Yang (90min)

Eva Karlsdotter

IG: eva_karlsdotter

Guest Teacher

Irina Khitrova

MediYoga, Yin, Hatha

Irina found yoga about 12 years ago during a hectic period of working the night shift as a social worker.


Yoga became her tool for slowing down and finding balance. After some years it led to a career change and today Irina is a full time teacher with focus on yoga's therapeutic qualities.


Irina holds a 500hrs Hatha Yoga certificate from India and studied Yin yoga, yoga therapy and anatomy in Russia, Sweden and Germany. She is also a MediYoga teacher and therapist.

In her classes you will feel welcome and safe. She will give you space to explore your own needs and capacities and challenge you when you are ready.

Irina teaches the following regular classes (please check schedule for irregularities)


18:00 MediYoga (75min)

19:30 Yin Yog (75min)


6:45 Hatha (60min)

IG: irina_ramro_cha

Irina Khitrova

Guest Teacher

Amy Rudbäck


My name is Amy, I am 29 years old from Gothenburg (but have lived in Stockholm for the past 5 years) and am a yoga teacher.


I have a 200hrs teacher training certificate from the Nordic Yoga Institute (virya yoga) but has recently become more and more inspired by Julie Martin and therefore teach more embodied flow classes.


I have previously held regular classes at A house, Fightbox and run my own Nano Retreat space in Stockholm.


For the past year I have been a full time mum so I am really eager to start teaching again.

Amy is a Guest Teacher who will be sharing the space with us Fall 2019 (please check schedule for updates)


Amy Rudbäck

Guest Teacher

Marta Dell'Anna

Vinyasa, Restorative

Marta Dell'Anna (IT/SW) is an experienced Vinyasa Flow teacher. Marta guides you into your inner stillness by breath, movement, strength and by letting yourself finding your always ON inner peace.


In Marta's Mindful vinyasa you can expect a mix of powerful, conscious, energizing and flowing sequences that challenge your body as well as mentally. Marta will guide you into finding your own breath, your inner core, power and love with her soft voice and hands-on adjustments, with clear instructions she will let you find that meditative flow of you moving with your own breath.


Give yourself a moment of recovery and relaxation at the end of the week. This class is therapeutic healing, an opportunity to recharge oneself with new energy. Get in tune with your body with slow yoga movements to thereafter land in soft positions with props in order for each individual to get a stretch that suits them.

Aromatherapy with essential oils is used during class to make relaxation easier.


The class ends with an aromatherapy massage where Marta provides soft hands-on application, allowing the body and mind to relax and release tensions.

Marta is a Guest Teacher who will be visiting us from time to time (please check schedule for updates)

IG: martaglutenfri

Marta Dell'Anna

Guest Teacher, Retreats

Lisa Andersson Rhodiner

Vinyasa, Teacher Trainer

"Every class I teach is different from the other. That's what I love about Vinyasa Flow - the endless creativity and freedom it gives me, both as a practitioner and teacher." 

Lisa Andersson Rhodiner (SWE) is a full-time Vinyasa Flow teacher with 7 years of experience and 1000+ hours of completed trainings. Since graduating from her first teacher training in Bali she's been teaching yoga around the world offering classes and workshops at world-renowned yoga studios in magic locations like Bali and Sri Lanka, as well as teaching at international yoga festivals in Europe and Asia. 

Lisa is the co-founder of INSPIRO YOGA and TRUE NORTH VINYASA, offering international yoga retreats and Vinyasa Flow teacher trainings in Portugal and Sweden.

An entrepreneur at heart and a passionate healthy food and sustainable lifestyle advocate, Lisa has co-founded multiple forward-thinking lifestyle projects. Art of Life Yoga & Raw Food Retreats in Bali, Pop Up Yoga & Brunch Ericeira, Yogalito Teachers Academy and Find Your Flow Immersions are just a few.

Lisa’s teaches steadily paced, deep and strong Vinyasa Flow. Her classes are well composed symphonies of playful sequences, encouraging hands-on adjustments, inspring tunes,  ancient pranayama techniques, stillness and loving kindness. Sometimes you’ll hear her share a poem, invite free flowing movement and other times her classes are more structured and giving more space for silence.

As much as you’re invited to play and challenge yourself, absorbing the heat - she’ll always encourage you to listen to your body and be true to yourself and your practice.  

Lisa is a Guest Teacher who shares the space with us from time to time.

25/9 19:00 Team Flow with Lisa & Naza

28-29/12 Back to Basics Retreat with Pernilla

(please check schedule for updates)

IG: lisaanderssonrhodiner

Lisa Andersson Rhodiner

Guest Teacher, Workshops

Nazareno Grisolia

Vinyasa, Teacher Trainer

Born and raised in Uruguay I’m a lover of movement, play, nature and surf.

Since I was 19 years old, as I decided to leave my home country to explore the world, my life has been - and still is today - an adventure. My curiosity has brought me to places, to experiences and people which altogether have shaped the way I live my life today.

As I travelled Asia in 2004 I discovered the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa, a physically demanding yoga style which requires strong discipline, dedication and body awareness. I got hooked.

A couple of years later I got introduced to the creative style Vinyasa Flow. This practice, also very dynamic and strong, allowed me to explore what I somehow had been been missing in Ashtanga - playfulness, a chance to express my creativity and try out new postures.

In 2011 I completed my first training - 200hrs Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training in India. The combination of the two was the perfect foundation for me to start teaching yoga.

Little did I know that training would be the stepping stone for me and my career as a yoga teacher.

Nazareno Grisolia (URU) is an experienced Vinyasa Flow teacher and movement enthusiast with 800+ hours of training. Since 2012 he’s been teaching full-time around the world in some of the worlds most renowned yoga studios in Bali, Sri Lanka, Sweden and Portugal. 

He’s the co-founder of INSPIRO YOGA, offering international yoga retreats and immersions for Vinyasa enthusiasts and teachers. Nazareno also offers his expertise, passion for play and hands-on adjustments as part of the teachers faculty of TRUE NORTH VINYASA teacher trainings.


In Nazarenos Vinyasa Flow classes you can expect powerful and fluid sequences that build strength and flexibility. With a passion for arm-balances and funky transitions Nazareno will challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone in a playful and light-hearted way. You can expect clear instructions, inspiring music and and careful hands-on adjustments.

Naza is a Guest Teacher who shares the space with us from time to time.

25/9 19:00 Team Flow with Lisa & Naza

27/9 18:00 Friday Flow

28/9 12:00 Transition Workshop

29/9 10:30 No Mercy Flow

(please check schedule for updates)

IG: nazareno.grisolia

Nazareno Grisolia

Season Teacher

Akiko Fujioka


Hello, my name is Akiko, 33 years old, originally from Tokyo, Japan. 2008 I started working as a freelance yoga ir and I had yoga classes mostly at yoga studios in Tokyo. I had been training gymnastics since I was 12 years old and this experience helped me to practice yoga when I started doing yoga 2005.


I learned very early yoga is not just about the asanas (poses) or how you look like when you practice it. The philosophy of yoga and its depth always interested me a lot and I keep on exploring and learning new things about yoga, myself and my relationship to the world after many years of practice!

Yoga means 'union' or 'connection' in Sanskrit. It says that the body and mind are connected to each other. They should be in a harmonious balance and we can find that harmony through practicing yoga.


My classes are slow, rejuvenating and relaxing with focus on deep breathing. All levels are welcome to my classes. I love teaching at Yoga by the Sea and the community of yogis feel like family. I am very grateful to be here. Hope to see you in this lovely studio. Namaste

Akiko is a Guest Teacher who shares the space with us from time to time.


She will be back teaching regular classes February 2020

IG: a.c.c.0

Akiko Fujioka

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