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Boundless in Canada and Beyond: Our Journey Begins!

What a day! The theme of the day is without a doubt helpfulness. We've encountered more smiling strangers today than we have in the last year in Sweden. It's such a marvelous feeling to be seen, heard, and engaged with without judgment. Our adventure kicked off with the wonderful Helen at Vida Världens Vaccin in Helsingborg, who went above and beyond to help me get my last vaccination. Thanks to her incredible assistance, we managed to catch an early train, setting our journey in motion with a wave of positivity.And the journey beginsNavigating through security was a breeze with the new advanced bag x-ray machines – a revolutionary experience for me! No more pulling out laptops and liquids; it felt like a glimpse into the future of travel. At Copenhagen airport, we explored the bustling terminals and got Luna some new headphones for the ride.Lelle, Luna's trusty elephant companion who has accompanied us on every trip, charmed the border police with a homemade passport. Seeing their smiles was priceless, adding a touch of whimsy to our travel routine.             

Our 8-hour, smooth-as-silk flight to Newark was wonderfully comfortable.

We filled the time with seated yoga, enjoyed the latest movie releases, and managed to get plenty of rest. 

It was a perfect start to our journey, leaving us refreshed and ready for the adventures ahead.

Figuring out the publictransport system can be tiring

We landed in Newark without a hitch. We could've opted for the easy but pricey route to our Airbnb in Union City, but where's the fun in that? Instead, we embarked on an adventure involving 3 hours, 5 buses, and 4 different neighborhoods. Along the way, we met so many kind souls who turned a simple journey into a series of delightful encounters. Luckily, I speak Spanish, which came in quite handy today.Upon arriving, we quickly dropped off our luggage and headed back out to catch a bus into Manhattan for a late-night escapade in the city that never sleeps – a phrase Luna echoed all day, inspired by Peppa Pig's New York adventures. The city was alive with energy, and Luna's eyes sparkled with excitement as we explored its vibrant streets.

Our Airbnb is modest, and we experienced a quirky moment when the electricity went out after turning on the fan. Thankfully, our friendly neighbors called the managers, and they are currently fixing the light – it took less than an hour! I love this city and I love the people here.


As a solo traveler with a child, here are my three top tips:

  1. Make everything into an adventure: Don’t opt for the easy way. Make the journey the adventure. Taking the scenic route not only saves money but also enriches the experience. Every detour can become a story worth telling.

  2. Travel light: We only brought hand luggage even though we are staying away for 10 weeks. Pack smart and ensure your little one can manage her own bags. Minimalism is key to freedom.

  3. Travel with public transport: It reduces costs, helps you integrate, and lets you experience the real life of where you are. Plus, it can double as a cheap sightseeing tour. You’ll see the heart of a place through its daily hustle and bustle.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into our 10-week adventure filled with new experiences, plant-based explorations, and Luna's gymnastics journey while we continue our journey toward he Maple leaf! l Expect tales of triumph, moments of magic, and everything in between as we navigate this unforgettable journey together.

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