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"Blending Lives: Discovering Home Away from Home"

Finding Our Perfect Host Family Across the World

Who knew that flying halfway across the world would lead us to a host family so perfectly in sync with me and Luna's lifestyle? From the moment we arrived, we've seamlessly blended into each other's lives.

A Serendipitous Airbnb Encounter

I found this basement apartment on Airbnb and asked the owner, Kendra (who I didn't know then), if she had any ideas about childcare and told her what I was going to Canada to do. She immediately responded, saying, "Maybe this is not what you were thinking, but I have two kids who will be on summer break, so they can hang with us." I immediately said yes due to the awesome feeling I got from her message. I received quite a few questions about it before we left, and I always said it would work out fine, but I never could've imagined it working out this well!

Instant Sisterhood

Luna and Veda have formed a new sisterhood that many of you have already seen. They’ve adapted to each other as if they’ve always been sisters, sharing countless adventures and endless giggles.

A Deep Bond with Kendra

Kendra and I have developed a deep bond that feels like we’re long-lost sisters. We share similar life values and have found a relationship that gives us both space to grow, discuss, create, and embark on adventures together. She’s the close friend I never had nearby before, and our connection has been incredibly enriching.

The Steady Big Brother

Malekai, the big brother, keeps the girls in check with his impressive math skills and calm, funny demeanor. He’s a steadying presence in the house, always ready with a joke or honest opinions.

The Quiet Observer

Byram, the dad, is a quiet observer who loves to ponder the world and secretly yearns for adventures. He’s also a very talented artist known as Beatchild. His music is a beautiful blend of soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, capturing the essence of life's complexities and joys. Whether he’s creating new tunes or discussing profound ideas, Byram adds a unique and inspiring element to our daily lives.

A Day of Responsibility and a Wonderful Dinner

Today, I came home from work after my first day of having responsibility for my own patients. The biggest challenge is the medical terms, although I am not sure I would have known what an incarcerated uterus is in Swedish either. I got much better at navigating their journal system today since I got to do everything myself. Hands-on experience is my favorite way to learn. I really like Dovetail, the program they use, which integrates patient records seamlessly and makes it easier to track patient care and progress. In comparison to the programs I have used in Sweden this is much more user friendly and patient safe. The intuitive interface and efficient workflow have been incredibly helpful in managing my responsibilities.

To top the day off, Kendra had cooked the most wonderful dinner using produce from the local farmers market we explored together earlier this week. It was the perfect way to end the day, sharing a delicious meal with our newfound family.

A Home Away from Home

Living with this wonderful family has enriched our experience beyond measure. We’ve found a home away from home, and the bonds we’ve formed here are sure to last a lifetime.

Tips of the Day

Tip 1: Dare to live a little. Have the mindset that things will work out. Don't be reckless—be open-minded, helpful, and friendly. If more people believed in the good in people, we would tear walls down instead of building them. Dreams are only dreams until you take action.

Tip 2: Follow Beatchild on Spotify. His smooth grooves will make you smile, relax, and want to dance. Beatchild's music blends soulful melodies with heartfelt lyrics, creating a vibe that uplifts and inspires. Let his tunes brighten your day and set the perfect mood for any moment.

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