More than just a yoga studio we want to be the place where people from all over the world come to rejuvenate, get ideas and feel part of something bigger. We want to empower people to change habits to better themselves as well as the people, animals and the world around them. 


We envision the studio as a space where dialogues of a greener future and a more inclusive mentality among humans and nature are nourished. By helping people to fully unfold their human potential in terms of their physical, emotional and mental body we aim to build a global community with shared intentions so that we together can realign to the natural principles of life.

What we are doing to help create a better future:

* Our Yogiraj Organic Premium Yoga Mats are made from 100% natural rubber and are biodegradable.

(completely non-toxic, PVC and chlorine free) 

* Our yoga mat cleaner is a natural mixture of water and vinegar.

* Our all-included-retreats offer vegan, organic and as local as possible produce.

* Our bolsters and straps (Yogiraj) are made from organic cotton.

* Our blocks (Yogiraj) are made from organic cork.

Help us become better!

Please contact us with your idea: